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I feel so much love and respect for so many of my Live Journal friends. It's hard to believe how my journal has opened the door to so many wonderful people throughout this world. Without you knowing, I worry so much for your safety and well-being, and I always have you in my prayers.

I have lost a Live Journal friend due to a motorcycle accident, and I am in total shock. Only a couple of days ago, I had expressed in his journal how excited he must feel by having bought such a beautiful bike. He's reply to me was that he'd be getting it the next day and was very excited.

I was so happy and could hardly wait to see pictures of him and Beth on that beautiful bike.

When I found out about the accident last night, I felt as if a mule had kicked me in the stomach. I didn't sleep very well because he and Beth kept entering my thoughts. There were a few times where I had to get up, go to my computer and see if it was just a nightmare I was having. My heart sunk to the floor when I'd find that it was true.

He was one of the most wonderful men I had the privilege to befriend. His sense of humor constantly had me falling to the floor with laughter, the kind of laughter where your stomach cramps together and goes into convulsive giggles.

was everything that a man is supposed to be, kind, carrying and courteous. He and Beth shared the kind of love that girls like myself only dream of. There love for each other was the kind of love one only reads about in romance novels.

I never met this man, but I feel like I knew him a lifetime. I am in mourning. I am so sad. The tears are building up in my eyes like a dam holding the ocean. I still can't believe it. Pray for Beth and her family.

I leave for my trip tonight and will be back very soon.

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