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The day is fast approaching when I'll be going to the Connally Unit Prison at Kenedy, San Antonio. If there's a Lockdown, I'll have to cancel my trip.

I'll fly out there, rent a car, drive to a motel as close as possible to the prison. Hopefully, it will be the one I stayed at last year. It wasn't fancy, but it was clean and close to the prison. I sleep there one night, leave in the wee hours of the morning, in order to be among the first in the long line.

Although, the prison staff is very polite with visitors, everything, including purses must be left in the car. Only money is permitted for inmates sodas, chips or candies. Visitors and inmates have no physical contact with each other. A thick glass separates us and a phone is used to communicate.

I'll be visiting two inmates who already have me on their list. We are only permitted to visit for a short while. I will then go to the motel, pick up my stuff, and head for the airport.

The prisons in the U.S. are different than the ones in Mexico.

I am not a religious fanatic or a holy roller. I detest religious fanatics. They scare the living shit out of me! My causes in life are plain and simple; they are the animals, the prisoners and the homeless.

I once read this in the Bible:
25:35 For I was hungry and ye gave me meat; I was thirsty and ye gave me drink; I was a stranger, and ye took me in; 25:36 Naked and ye clothed me; I was sick in prison and ye visited me.

A couple of years ago, I went to one Chihuahua, Mexico. You don't have to be on any list like you do here. The inmates were men who were suppose to have been some of the most vicious criminals in the state. Before entering, I was frisked and I had to leave my purse behind. I walked inside and ended up in the huge open outside field of the giant walls. There was a huge crowd and some were selling refreshments and pretty crafts made from materials such as match sticks, Popsicle sticks, etc. I sat on the ground with the men, women and children and talked with them while drinking refreshments.

They were very nice. I finally asked when we would be lead back inside to see the prisoners; I was expecting to see them behind bars. I was in total shock when they told me that they were the prisoners. The women and children were the families of the inmates and were there visiting. They were more respectful than many in the outside world. I began asking them many questions as to why they were there. Some told me that they were innocent and others admitted their crime and went into detail as to the nature of the crime for which they were "Lifers." There is no death penalty in Mexico.

My dad and brothers are constantly demanding I stop going over there. I will continue to go because I feel it's important, and because I want to. NOBODY tells me what to do with my life.

This is one site I found on the net with some pictures. Many inmates are isolated for FEAR of the dangerous gangs you see in these pictures.

Those who are lifers or on death row (have nothing to lose), will start trouble with those inmates who are in for a year or more.

The Mexican Mafia is the most dangerous Hispanic Gangs.
The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas gang are the most dangerous White Gangs.
The New Black Panthers are the most dangerous Black Gangs.

Texas Prison

These are just a few of the beautiful gifts inmates that
I've visited have sent me. I have about 25 more
handkerchief's with beautiful art created by many inmates.
I can't put them here because there just isn't anymore room.

An inmate sent me this beautiful ballerina
painting for Christmas. He is so talented!

An inmate recently sent me these little shoes that he
made out of little strips of paper and terry cloth.

He sent me three of them so I can hang
on my car's rear view mirror.

This was sent to me about a year ago by an inmate. He carved
a bar of soap and created this decorative little box.

This is the inside of the carved soap bar.

I think this card that another inmate made for me
is so cute. This pic doesn't do it justice.

Here it is again.

I recently received this Valentine's Day card by
another inmate who created it from scratch.

Another inmate drew this on a hankerchief.

This is how one inmate sees me. As you can see, he has
seen me cry. He drew it on a hankerchief. I love it!

"If you can't get rid of the skeleton in
your closet, you'd best teach it to dance."
- George Bernard Shaw

"If I can't dance - I don't want
to be part of your revolution."


Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

U.S. Army
Join the U.S. Army

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