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Somebody sure is going to be so heartbroken!

As I was driving onto the main street from my house this morning, I saw a little dead dog lying next to the street. I went to look at him and saw that he was dead. Whoever ran over him, took the time to place him on the side of the road. He was a little Chihuahua and I know he belonged to someone who loved him just as much as I love mine, because he had on a little mustard colored sweater and tiny little khaki pants! I hope to God, the owner never finds him the way I did. How sad, and what a nasty way to start my day!

I got a speeding ticket last week and called today to see how much I had to pay; they don't bother to provide the amount of the fine on the ticket. What a nuisance! 162.00 damn dollars for only speeding a mere 10 miles on the Border Freeway! Now that's going WAY too far! How contemptible! Money hungry mongrels!

I've never smoked in my life, but decided to give it a try last night, so I went to the store and bought a pack of Salem menthol lights. When I got home, I sat down and took a puff, inhaled and felt the bottom of my stomach soar to the top of my rib cage. I gagged terribly, my eyes bulged and I started coughing and couldn't stop. My chest is still sore from the powerful and forceful reaction it caused me, not to mention the nausea I continued to have. I threw the pack in the trash.

I'm going to meet Glory and Millie for lunch at this place where they have the great Mexican food. Lolly can't make it because she called me to let me know that she was at the doctor's office. Poor baby, she sounded terrible, but she never listens to me about taking vitamin C! I already know what I'll be ordering even before I get there. Crab Tacos with HOT chili salsa and maybe a Diet Pepsi or ice tea.

By and by, I've been sleeping, thanks to those sleeping pills the doctor prescribed. I haven't had a chance to go to the health food store to buy the herbs one of my LJ friend's recommended.



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