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I've been "Burning the Candle at Both Ends," and I believe it's finally gotten to me.

My domains, my school supplies, my regular job, and recently having joined family members in buying two investment houses in California, are affecting me in a most negative manner.

This is just one of the things that have me worried about the future of our economy:

Ford to cut up to 5,000 white-collar jobs in North America

Have YOU been affected by the decline in the U.S. Economy?

I will soon find out if I went into these two ventures at a wrong time. The good thing about it is that the payments are divided among three of us with the first house, and five with the second. I can't fail because I'm totally on my own. Let's see what happens.

I have been hyperventilating allot, and I haven't been able to sleep for the longest time. I was taking four Tylenol PM's to help me sleep, but they're not working anymore. I feel tired all the time and my energy level is almost at a nil.

This month I made some pretty big mistakes that have cost me money. My web sites were down for about eight hours a few days ago. Why? Because I noticed a big charge on my American Express, for four consecutive months from a COMPANY I didn't recognize. I called American Express each time I received my statement and demanded they block that COMPANY. They did, because American Express is wonderful. I finally ended up calling up the COMPANY and reprimanded them terribly. I demanded they stop making charges on my account. They said they would. A few hours later, I went to check my email and noticed it was down, along with all my other domains. A bolt of lightening hit me and I realized that COMPANY was the one I do business with on the net. I called the owner immediately and cried with apologies and begged him to forgive my stupidity. The angel forgave me. I then had to call American Express and beg them for forgiveness for my stupidity, and asked them to please permit that COMPANY to continue making charges on my account. American Express is the best! I was shaking with embarrassment and rage at myself. I made such a fool of myself!

I also have a phone stalker that has me shaking. It's a girl who lives in Las Vegas and calls me on week-ends from morning to night time. Her calls show up as "Private Caller." She's been doing this for about two years now and it's finally starting to make me jumpy. I counted the times she called this Sunday and it was a total of 50 times. She'd let it ring and ring, then hang up and start all over again. I took the ringer off for a few hours and just as soon as I put it back on, the phone started ringing and it was her. I'll soon close my account with this phone co., and start using my cell phone only. Thank God she doesn't have that number. First, I must make sure I give my cell number to all those who must have it, before I discontinue the regular phone.

Maybe I'll be able to sleep again, because I called my doctor and begged him to prescribe some sleeping pills. The angel called it in right away, to the pharmacy. Tonight I'll start taking one Ambien 5MG Tab.

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