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As I was driving my car the other day, I saw a medium size dog dash towards some railroad tracks and get hit by a train. I pulled over, parked my car, and then started running towards the dog. When I got to him, I found that the train had sliced him in half, towards the rear part of his stomach.

The dreadfulness of it all was that the little dog was still alive. What was left of his body where the wheel had run over him was completely sealed together. There was no blood gushing out of his horrible wound. It was like when you seal a plastic baggy together. The little dog was terrified and agonizing. The minutes dragged on and on, and he just wouldn't die.

He kept looking at me and I started crying and gasping for air and came close to passing out.

I could see the anguish and terror in his eyes, as he looked at me. The minutes continued to pass, and STILL, he wouldn't die!

I finally took control of myself, and started running all over the place, looking for a big rock or whatever I could find.

Finally I found a big enough rock and ran towards the dog. I got down on my knees and I started beating, as hard as I could, on his little head. I kept on and on and on, until I didn't have the strength in my body, to hit him again. I looked at him, and he was dead.

I keep seeing his little eyes and I will never be able to forget. I'm overwhelmed and in so much pain, and must somehow block this incident from my mind forever!

Please tell me, what would you have done had you been in my place?

Tags: devestating experiene
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