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I wrote something (I'M STILL LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT GUY) in my last post with the intent of trying to be funny. But it kind of back fired on my, because some of my LJ friend's (who I've grown to love dearly), brought out some very important and serious issues which really got me thinking.

This is my reply to you:

I am pretty good at spotting a jerk or a nice guy; after all, I was in the Army for four years, and there were boys galore!

The things I find most attractive in a guy, has nothing to do with looks. It is said that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, and it is very true. When I look into a person's eyes, I can pretty much tell whether he's a nice guy or a jerk. Sure, I have sometimes found myself attracted to good looking men, but I am attracted to personality much more than physical looks. Guys who have a foul mouth, or are interested in me because they are ONLY sexually attracted to me or who give wolf whistles, turn me totally off completely.

Friendship is the foremost important aspect in a relationship. The physical is totally unimportant. Honesty, humility, respect, fun loving, a caring smile, and unconditional acceptance of ones inadequacies,and a non-controlling personality, are of the utmost importance.

I have met guys who other girls found unattractive. I on the other hand, have found them to be the most attractive because I have seen all those good qualities that I find so important. Those that treat the opposite sex with respect and dignity is what's most appealing to me and that's what I find sexy.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am considered pretty by many, and maybe I am, but that doesn't make me a good candidate for becoming a person's one and only. I am not perfect; in fact, I'm a totally screwed up inside. To lead a guy into believing that I could possibly fall in love with him would be cruel. Maybe someday, I'll conquer those ghosts in my life that make it pretty impossible for me to feel and react as most girls do. My unpredictability's and inconsistencies do not make me a good potential girlfriend for anybody. But, one good thing about me is, that I can sometimes make people laugh. Another good thing about me is that am not capable of hurting anyone's feelings intentionally, and it pains me terribly, to see someone in pain, because I KNOW what pain is.

I sometimes wonder why society assumes that a man and a woman should live together or be married. Just as you, my LJ friend's have seen that I'm constantly harping that I will never fall in love or worst yet, marry, my personal REAL life friends here, hear it from me, also. It's kind of become my protective shield, because the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt anybody's feelings.

On a happier note, it's kind of funny, but I really have developed an awesome crush on 3 of my LJ friends. I've even shared these naughty feelings I have for them to my best friend Lolly, Norma and Glory. I love having these feelings for them because I feel so safe knowing that I'm sitting here in (my world) front of my computer, and they are somewhere out there in their world, and they have no idea who they are. Without even meeting these 3 guys in person, I KNOW down deep in my heart that they are the nicest guys around. I could care less what they look like. The only thing that touches my heart is someone WITH A HEART!

I find those who make fun of a person's intelligence or appearance, are the ones whose insides are filled with maggots. I have studied this type of person and have found that they have never been exposed to the HARD knocks of life, that is, not yet. BUT, there day will eventually come, and that's the time they will learn how to feel compassion and acceptance for others.

I once let a REALLY nice guy slip right through my fingers. We knew each other since high school and I do believe he really and truly loved me. He wanted to have a serious relationship with me, but I told him that maybe someday, but for now, I wasn't ready for that kind of stuff. We continued seeing each other, as friends for a long time.

One day, he handed me an envelope with a paper in it. This is what it said:

Love to many means one thing
to a few it means another
It is not difficult to describe
this love I feel for you

I consider it a true love
even though you are not mine
to partake of in a physical way
nor would I feel comfortable
in doing so, even if by pure chance

But, I feel even more privileged
that I have your mind and heart
For we soar to great heights
when we share our intellects

We can look into each others eyes
and see true friendship reflected back
such a closeness that few ever share
We know we can rely on each other
and that knowledge grows every day

We can share laughter and tears
comfort each other without hesitation
confess our innermost secrets
and seek each others opinions
without worry of breach of confidence

I can take your hand in mine
and even though I hold it tight
you know it's real meaning
that I am there for you always
through thick and thin
A friend to share life's cares and woes

Such closeness is not easily found
So, I treasure your company
and I'm glad you call me friend
I long to listen to your sweet voice
and look upon your beautiful face

Listen intently to your every word
Hold fast in my heart your fears
partake with you the joyous times
Dry your eyes when tears flow
and smile with you when you smile so

He didn't wait for me to get my act together; he died. It was his DESTINY.

I lost two of the people who loved me most in this life, last year in January; F., and my mother.


So, to all the NICE guys who still exist, NEVER stop being a NICE guy 'cause in the end, it will be most probable that you'll end up with a NICE girl!

Those guys, who ARE NOT NICE, eventually get old and are left with a bag of NICE CRAP.

There are so many NICE girls out there, looking for a NICE GUY.
Believe me, I KNOW this for a fact!

I am totally content with my brothers, my male and female friends, my pets and my Grandpa right now, but, should the day ever come that I find myself ready to share my life with a special someone, it WILL be with a NICE guy FOR SURE!

I will link a past entry again, for those who would like to know more about my personal life.


AND, my USER INFO. still stands, but it's possible that it could change in the far future.

Befitting Quotes For Today:

"We will make great advances forward when we can
do like the man who said, "When I feel like finding
fault, I always being with myself and then I never
get any further."

"There is so much good in the worst of us,
and so much bad in the best of us,
that it ill becomes any of us
to find fault with the rest of us."
- Robert Louis Stevenson


"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

U.S. Army
Join the U.S. Army

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