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Drama In My Life PART TWO

I will be posting in sections, all the sordid details in reference to the suit for damages caused by those who caused me such devastation.

I will start by posting MANY BEFORE pictures.

I will then be posting MANY AFTER pictures. I will share what I went through and how terribly it affected me for over a year.

I will share with you my conversations with God during this year.

I will share what I went through in trying to find an attorney to represent me. I went through hell because every attorney I had contacted wouldn't agree to touch the matter. One attorney even went so far as to hang up on me when I explained exactly what it was about and what I wanted!

Finally, I will let you know if I WON or LOST. I recognize my approach is pretty theatrical, but this is the only method that you will be able to understand how this problem came about to be in my life.

I DID NOT sue for money.

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2. Drama In My Life PART 2
3. Drama In My Life - BEFORE PICS - PART 3
4. Drama In My Life - AFTER PICS - RAGE & DESPAIR - PART 4
5. Drama In My Life - THE CONCLUSION - PART 5

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