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More Drama In My Life

This year when I shared with you the fact that I had won the suit (out of court settlement) for my mother's wrongful death, I also mentioned that I had ANOTHER ongoing suit.

Today was the first day of this second suit. Hopefully, it will be over soon because it has taken its toll on me. It will be practically impossible to win because I'm suing an incredibly rich and powerful entity. They took away from me something that I feel (KNOW) was irrefutably mine.

I've been paying my lawyer through the nose for sometime now. I have been persistent in this matter and have relentlessly pursued it because it deals with ethics. I believe this MASSIVE entity behaved in a most unscrupulous manner. I believe in this so much, that I'm WILLING to go for broke! If need be, I'll sell my house.

My Grandpa, friends and family tell me to just let it go. I know that if I give up, I will not be able to live with myself. I'm a FIGHTER and will fight to the very END. If I should lose, I'll be able to accept it and live with myself because I'll know that I did everything in my power to make an attempt to win!

Just as soon as I find out the outcome, I will post pictures of the BEFORE and AFTER, to show the devastation they caused because of their greed.

I DO NOT want their money for the deplorable damages their underhanded deed caused me! I only DEMAND they return what they took away from me. IT IS MINE!

Please wish me luck; I'll need it desperately!

There's a saying here in Texas,
"Don't Mess with Texas"

I have my own saying:
"Don't Mess With Playgirl"

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