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There's no way in hell ROAD RAGE can be avoided in ones daily driving adventure.

I must admit that I too, have been guilty of road rage.My personality changes (Dr. Jekyll and Hyde) from the sweet and docile person I am, to a little spiteful imp when I get behind the wheel of my car. I'm Dr. Jekyll and Hyde!

When someone causes me immense anger, I whisper naughty words to myself such as YOU stupid idiot! YOU asshole! What the MUCK are you doing! Of course, my distasteful little phrases never reach the ears of the driver I'm directing them to. They haven't a clue that I'm muttering under my breath words that would shock the devil himself.

There have been times when someone has tooted their horn in anger at me. I in turn, blow the living hell out of mine in response. One time I pressed so hard on the horn that something broke and it wouldn't stop honking! Yes, there have been times when someone has yelled something coarse at me and I immediately return the nasty words back. YES, there have been times when some driver has thrown a little birdie at me and I've pulled out my little finger (I know you know which little finger I use) and wiggle it back at them in anger. Sticking my tongue out at them really causes them to go into a frenzy!

Yes, there have been times when *I AM NO LADY* when behind the wheel of my car.

There have been two times in my driving life where the other person has surpassed the bounds of road rage. Let me tell you of these two separate experiences I've encountered in the past.

1. One time, a friend of mine and I went out to lunch. I was driving. We stayed a bit too long eating our lunch. We had to go back to work and we were going to be late.

I was driving just a little faster than usual when the stop light turned red. The exit towards the street I had to get on had a LONG line of cars and a diesel truck was first in line. I drove to the next lane and ended up right next to a HUGE diesel truck. The lane I was in was intended for cars to go straight - ONLY. The lane the HUGE truck was in was to turn left ONLY.

I kept a vigilant eye on the lights and when they turned green, I sped as fast as possible and butted right in front of the diesel truck. I noticed the diesel was way too BIG and assumed it would start driving too slow. I was DEAD wrong! The guy got so enraged that he picked up speed and the faster I went, the faster he went. The guy wanted to drive his rig right over my car! This went on for a very long time. My poor passenger was splattered on the floor in a fetal position, screaming with fright! My own hair was standing straight up from their roots and my eyes were bulging in an awkward cross-eyed position, glittering in sheer terror. Hard as I tried, I just couldn't uncross them! The rig was almost up to my rear bumper! Finally, I made a QUICK right turn in order to lose him. Obviously, I was successful or I wouldn't be here sharing this story with you!

2. The second time I experienced ROAD RAGE was when I was giving a ride to a friend of mine as a favor. It was around 10:00 pm and I was on the freeway.

I was driving along, minding my own business, when I came up to a car that was going too slow. I picked up speed, passed him and got in front of him. Before I knew it, he drove to the passing lane and crammed his car right next to mine. When I turned left to see what the hell was going on, I found him staring at me with an evil grin while pointing a gun directly at me. This scared the living shit out of me. I slammed on the breaks, almost losing control of my car. He drove off. To this day, every time my friend and I recall that day, we become unnerved and start shaking in our boots all over again!

3. Just a couple of days ago, I experienced an additional ROAD RAGE incident. (No, there's NO escaping them!) I was driving with two of my girlfriends. We were chit chatting, laughing and having a gay old time. I got off the freeway exit. The traffic lights were still green as I cautiously approached them. I suddenly heard someone blowing their horn like mad. I looked through my rear view mirror and saw this car with a man throwing his fist at me. I then saw the light turn yellow and stopped. The guy unrelentingly continued blowing his horn at me. Again, I looked at my rear view mirror. The man was pounding on his steering wheel, blowing his horn, thrashing himself uncontrollably all over his car. His face was so scary and I could see his mouth moving like a madman. Was that green foam coming out of his mouth? Was it my imagination? I told my two girlfriends, in a barely audible whisper, not to DARE turn around and told them exactly what I was seeing in my rear view mirror.

I didn't turn around and remained cool, calm and collected. I'm NOT a pussy willow, BUT I'm no fool either. I realized that this guy was the type of NUT that could cause bodily harm.

Finally the light turned green. God, it seemed like an eternity! He gunned his car like crazy and when he passed me, he was still livid with rage. The last thing I saw was his fist going out of control directly towards me. I continued behaving like a MEEK mouse! This odious individual definitely belongs in the FUNNY FARM!

What in the world did I do to cause him to lose such control. It will forever remain a mystery!

What unpleasant experiences have you had with ROAD RAGE?
I WANNA know!

Today's Quote:
I think there are moments in life where...
violence and pulses of rage, and all these
things that happen in life, are actually
really, really rare, really built-up moments.
- Josh Lucas

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"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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