Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World


I hope you read this, you know who you are. I'm writing in my own journal, because if I had written in your's what I have to say, would have been DELETED. When you're asked for a rebuttal about the things you've opened yourself to, your answer is ALWAYS "these are my beliefs" and then you delete the person from your journal and make yourself to be a martyr. From reading your MANY entries, there's no doubt that you've also got a VERY nasty temper.

I thought this quote was made just for you!

"If religion has done nothing for your temper,
it has done nothing for your soul."

Why do you continue to write comments about the HUGE variety of extemely controversial topics. You have condemned, in a most destructive manner, so many groups of people, that I wonder who will be next on your agenda of breaking hearts and creating guilt and turmoil.

I've finally come to the conclusion that you strive for attention, attention at whatever the cost may be to anyone eleses feelings or well-being. You are the epitomy of hypocrisy and I, have come to dislike intensively, your ranting and ravings. I can't even begin to imagine how may people you've hurt or destroyed. There's nothing more frightening than ignorance, inconsistancy, contradictiveness, judgementalness and disrespect. You are all of these things and you frighten me thoroughly. How DARE you call yourself a Christian? Most Christians and people of all denominations instill love and peace, all you've done is create hatred and hovac! You keep pounding your fist at your chest, praising yourself for having morals and for saying who is a Christian and who is not. I'm so sick of you constantly writing "to bad he/she isn't a Christian". You are a pompous, self centered, judgemental, unforgiving, merciless, hateful person, and all that you've accomplished is to make a mockery of Christianity and all in the name of Jesus. How dare you! It doesn't close the door to anyone, no matter what their beliefs or denomination may be. Christianity, understands, accepts, loves, teaches, embrasses every human being on earth, for every human being is His creation, it's the example for all the world and does not instill fear, judgement, discord, anger nor hate, but is humility, mercy and love for ALL.
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