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The Train That Cost Me $200.00

I had gotten a ticket for $200.00 about a month ago at some railroad tracks.

The railroad bells started ringing and the boards came down right in front of my car.

I waited, and then I noticed that the train had stopped right before it got to the railroad crossing where I was. So, I drove my car around the railroad boards to get across.

I then heard a bell ringing like crazy. I looked back and it was a cop. He stopped me and told me that I shouldn't have crossed because I could have been killed. I told him that there was no way I could have been killed because the train had stopped, way before I had crossed. He told me that another train could have been coming on one of the other tracks. I blinked my long black eyelashes at him and winked my bonny green eye at him in my most deluxe FLIRTING manner and told him that I would have pushed the gas peddle, BIG TIME! He told me he was going to give me a BIG TIME TICKET! He did.

I told him that I demanded to go before the judge and plead my case. He said okay!

I went to court yesterday to plead my case before the judge. He asked me if I pleaded guilty or not guilty. I told him I pleaded guilty, but that I would never do it again. He said, "Good! Now you can go to the teller and pay your $200.00 dollar fine!” I said, "But, But, But!" He said, "GO NOW!" I WENT and PAID!

When I left the building, I headed straight for my car in an angry huff and a puff. I grabbed my key and tried to unlock my car. I had a lot of trouble doing it. I wondered what the hell was wrong with the key. After jiggling the key a few times, I was able to unlock my car. I sat down and started the engine. Before I backed up, I started looking for my cell phone which I had left on the passenger seat. It wasn't there. I was just about to yell for a cop when I noticed that this car looked very strange because it was CLEAN! Then I looked at all the windows and found that there wasn't any bird poop splattered all over them. (I always park my car under one of my trees in my driveway where birds love to poop on it!) Oh My God! I was in the wrong car. My little, ugly, dirty car was parked right next to this one! This one was the exact make, color and year as mine!

I stopped the engine, got the hell out of it as fast as my legs could carry me. I slammed the door and ran to my car. Thank God I decided to look for my cell phone when I did. If I hadn't of, I would have driven off in someone else's car and I wouldn't be here, sharing this story with you because I would have been in jail!

I just can't get over how LUCKY I am! Yeah, RIGHT!!??

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