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My poor little toe. My poor kitty!

Playgirls Toes
This is the can of Chili Chipotle that fell on my little toe and caused terrible damage to it.

Playgirls Toes
This is my little toe with a Band-Aid.

Playgirls Toes
The red that you see on my little toe IS NOT red nail polish but my BLOOD on the bare naked flesh of my baby toe!

The injury was so ghastly that the doctor had to perform surgery to take off my ENTIRE toenail! The nail should grow back in about 3 months.

I'm in PAIN!

Enough about myself! I took my little kitten to the vet for his operation. I left him there at 11:30 am. I'm to pick him up tomorrow. The doctor will call me today at 7:00 pm to let me know how the operation went. Davy kept looking at me with so much fear in his eyes. He knew that I was leaving him.

Please, I ask you to pray to whatever you perceive your God to be, that Davy doesn't lose his little paw and survives the operation. The doctor also told me that there is always a danger with the anesthesia.

I've grown to love that little kitten just as much as I love Mickey and Jewely. If anything happens to him, I will be crushed.

I had to pay an extra $1000.00. $300.00 of it will be for a deposite on some machine I'll bring home with Davy tomorrow. The $300.00 will be returned to me when I take back the machine next week.

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