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I had a little break down a while back. It was caused by a mixture ghosts (they attack me once a year for sure) from the past that decided to come and haunt me, and some other very valid problems.

I really took to heart your concern and well wishes during the time I was most vulnerable and I want to thank you and let you know that I love you all very much. How incredible it is, that you, my Live Journal friends, had so much to do with the caring and serenity I felt. Again, I love you all so much!

</a></b></a>sabrarosa </a></b></a>mehen </a></b></a>nsingman </a></b></a>cris_nicewelts </a></b></a>poetpaladin </a></b></a>eeecho_42 </a></b></a>inspectorjury </a></b></a>shadowy_poet </a></b></a>daddy </a></b></a>joanofarq </a></b></a>matthardwick </a></b></a>heddygirl </a></b></a>dadofella and

</a></b></a>ignunce who sent me this beautiful card with a note in his very own REAL LIFE handwritting and "Olivia - Stronger Than Before":

Huggybear, I love you soooo soooo much!

I'm still going through some very bumpy times, but I'm hanging in there. I'm quickly coming out of my shitty moods and swiftly becoming my typical OBNOXIOUS self. heh heh

It is very hard for anyone to deal with the death of a mother. It was much harder for me because I found out that my mom was not supposed to die. She died because of neglect by those who were supposed to attend to her. This fact has greatly altered my life and will never be the same.

Some months ago, I sued and recently won. There was an out of court settlement and I am very pleased with the outcome.

There were many times in the past, where I was on the verge of going to those responsible and physically attacking them, but I held out because the only thing I would have accomplished would have been to have been incarcerated.

My 4 brothers want me to keep all the money because they are doing very well financially.

I have 3 girlfriends who have always been there for me. When my brothers and I turned 17, we were forced, through tough love, to go out into the world and be on our own. People found this to be too harsh, but it was the best thing that could have happened because it made us totally self-sufficient.

I didn't have a place to stay at. These 3 girlfriends offered me their homes. I stayed a few months and then I joined the Army. (I say it now and I'll say it again and again; the best move I ever made)

I will give my 3 friends $5,000 each because I never forgot their generosity when I most needed it.

The homeless man I took into my home, my adopted Grandpa, who has turned out to be my little guardian angel, will have a much needed operation. He has been wearing a catheter for too many years.

All of my stray animals will continue to eat to their hearts content.

I have another lawyer that is charging me $175.00 per hour. I cannot go into this, but I hired him because I am trying to get back something that was taken away from me, in a way which I feel was illegally done.

I am going to pay off my house and will save the MINUTE amount that is left for a rainy day. I will continue working like a dog and will continue buying everything at my favorite store, the 2nd hand thrift shop!

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."


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