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Gun Control Kills The Innocent

True Stories of Self Defense
Mass and Serial Killers

A mass killer is much more dangerous than the serial killer because the mass killer attacks only one time and kills many people. The mass killer knows that he will be killed because he will not try to escape so he kills as many people as he possibly can before being shot dead.

The serial killer is much more careful and kills only one at a time, maybe two. The serial killers has no intentions of being caught and does every thing in his power to escape unharmed.

I've been surfing web pages on mass killers. Here are some very interesting links. I honestly believe that if at least one person had been carrying a concealed weapon (legally with permit) there would of been much less victims.

To take away our rights to carry a gun is to make us an easy target for criminals. The criminal will ALWAYS find a way of obtaining a gun, no matter what.

The San Ysidro Ronald McDonald massacre

The Dallas Nightclub Murders

Port Arthur Massacre

Gunman Kills 14 In Hungerford Rampage

Canadian Mass Murderer

Read up on David Berkowitz, Theodore Bundy, Albert DeSalvo, THE FRIGHTENING Albert Fish, The Hillside Strangler, Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez WHO WAS BORN IN THE CITY I LIVE IN, Richard Speck WHO MAKES ME BARF EVERYTIME I SEE HIS PIC, Aileen Wournos WHO MY HEART GOES OUT TO!

I've created this web page Gun Smoke, True stories of Self Defense with true cases of self defense, and the best links to Serial Killers!

JOIN the U.S. Army

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."


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