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What The Hell, NEVER Have I Been So Angry!

I apparently started a frenzied mutiny against me from (a FEW) the last group of people on earth; I would ever have expected.


SOME of the Veterans (this is why I created my NEW banner and purposefully placed it on this top site!) became hysterical when they saw my Veteran’s site (Gun Control? Hell No!) join the top VETERANS list and demanded the webmaster delete me from the list.

I immediately contacted the webmaster after finding my Veteran's site deleted from the list. Thank goodness the webmaster is an intelligent and fair person, and told me I could join again. He never checked my page and assumed, from their complaints, that I was promoting my main site, Sexy Legs Playgirl.

I have joined again, and have created the banner you see at the top and I placed on the Top Veterans site.

Not all vets are like these FEW who have gone into a frenzy over me, thank God! I support now and will always support our American Heroes who are, as I speak, fighting and dying for our freedom of speech and expression! God bless them all and return them home to their families safely!

I have created MANY patriotic and military graphics which I will be offering SOON on this site, to whoever wants to use them. I have ONLY ONE rule for their use; that you must LOVE AMERICA WITH ALL YOUR HEART! I will NOT REQUIRE A LINK BACK if my creations are used, and ALL sites, even PORN sites are welcomed to them. If you LOVE AMERICA, that’s ALL that matters to me!

I have had many insulting and hurtful things said about me on the web (it’s only expected when you are on the web and compete) but this one takes the cake. These people WILL NOT push me out of that site. I have just as much RIGHT as they do, because I put 4 years of my life in the U.S. Army. I’ll be damned if they will win. Things of this nature, DO NOT get me running away like a dog with its tail between its legs. On the contrary, I work my ass harder to make my web sits MORE popular. I will be # ONE on this Veterans site, so help me God! I have every RIGHT to participate in the the Veteran's competitions, because I TOO!!, am PROUD!!!!! To be an American Vet!!!!! PLUS, I am PROUD to be the family of not only ONE, but MANY American Vets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One particular Catholic Church on the net, gave me an award a few years ago to place on one of my religious pages. When they found out that I had Sexy Legs Playgirl, they emailed me and DEMANDED I take off the award they'd given me to place on my religious pages. I was crushed back then. NOT ANYMORE!

NOW, what the hell, NEVER have I been so angry!

On a happier note, I love this TaTu Video and never tire of watching it over and over again.

I never would of found it, had it not been for my LJ Friend </a></b></a>jerris_darkrun_

JOIN the U.S. Army

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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