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Grandpa's Birthday

Remember the old homeless man I picked up a few months ago and brought him home to live with me? Saturday is his birthday. My Grandpa will be 65 years old.

I'm having a birthday party for him on Sat. I've invited about 20 of my friends and my 4 brothers will be arriving on Fri. from California and San Antonio.

I've already made my original FANTASTIC BBQ sauce for the BBQ Ribs I'll be barbecuing. Norma will make her famous brisket, Lolie will make Chili con Queso, and I will make my finger licking delicious chili beans. Daisy will bring potato salad (she makes the best salad), Chelo will bring her version of Green Chili Salsa, Eva will bring her version of Chili con Queso. She makes it with chili poblano and sour cream and it's different and delicious. I want coleslaw and hope I can find someone to make it. I'll be making my 3 leches cake and maybe some cheese bars with cherries and walnuts on top. I have given orders to all I've invited, to bring beer and soda pop. I will be dancing to the Cha-Cha Slide as I make MY FAMOUS Margaritas! Heh heh

My Grandpa knows I'm making him a party, but he has no idea that I've hired a group of 7 ALL girl Mariachis dressed in their Charro outfits! I hired them for only 2 hour because they charge $250.00 per hour. If you want to know what Mariachi music sounds like, enter one of my Spanish web pages. El Mariachi

I can hardly wait to see my Grandpa's face when the girls walk into my back yard playing and singing Mariachi style!

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