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I promised </a></b></a>garzan and </a></b></a>prader who happens to be VERY STUBBORN!, I would post my very own original recipe for Juevos Rancheros. (Ranch Style Eggs) If you love eggs, I do believe you will love eating them this way. I must toot my own horn! I'm a very GOOD cook. Maybe that's because I love to cook. Juevos Rancheros are well known throughout the Hispanic world, but I did something different with the recipe. It's great for Sunday mornings and it's very simple to make. Here it is:

Saute plenty of onions, sliced in thick wedges along with jalapenos, sliced in thin wedges. Slice tomatoes in wedges also and add to the onions and jalapenos. Continue to saute, till the onions are tender and golden in color. USE OLIVE OIL FOR TO SAUTE.

If you can't handle too hot, take out the veins and seed from the jalapenos. I happen to love it HOT, so I leave the whole jalapeno intact!

Add lots of garlic, (I use fresh, but if you like powdered, use it)

Add half a can of tomato sauce.
Add a 14 oz. can of 99% fat free Swanson's Chicken Broth.
Add a cup of water.
Add salt to taste.
Add black pepper to taste.
Add a whole bay leave.

Bring the whole thing to a boil, then lower heat to simmer for about a 20 minutes.

Fry some corn tortillas in olive oil. Tortillas must be fried to a slightly limp state.
Fry one or two eggs.

Place fried tortilla, one at a time and add some of the liquid sauce over it.
Place the fried egg on top.
Add more sauce.
Sprinkle some cheese over it, (I use mozzarella because it has much less fat)
Repeat if you're going to eat 2 eggs.

Add more of the sauce, till it your plate is covered with the sauce.

By and by, you will have more sauce left, so you can have Juevos Rancheros again, whenever you want.


I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation.
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