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There’s Nothing Like Having a Man Around The House

I pick up a man, right off the streets.

Let me explain.

About 3 months ago, I decided to go to my favorite flee market. I was walking towards the entrance gate when I spotted this man who look filthy. He was skin and bone and looked so very sad. I walked up to him, ready to give him some spare change. I asked him if he was feeling ok and he looked at me with the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen and replied that he was doing fine. I asked him if he would accept a few of my quarters and he said that he would.

We got into a deep conversation. (I will not share with you the personal things he told me about his life.) I asked him many questions and then I asked where he lived. He told me he was homeless. I asked him where he slept. He said he slept wherever he could, mostly under the freeway bridges. I asked him if he was hungry. He said yes.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards me. I lead him towards my car and we drove off to my house.

I took him to my kitchen and fixed him a big breakfast. I really liked this man. Mickey and Jewely, my toy poodles liked him very much, too. I asked him how old he was and he told me he was 64 yrs old. I couldn’t believe it because he looked much older.

He’s been living with me ever since. I gave him one of my bedrooms and bought him some really nice cloths from my favorite second hand thrift shop.

I'm not afraid at night anymore, my house is immaculate, my yard is clean, all of my indoor and outdoor dogs are fed and bathed once a week, Porky and Honey Bunny are feed and cleaned and all my cats are fed. Laundry is washed and ironed and he CAN COOK! He minds his on business and I mind mine. He has gained a few pounds and looks much healthier. He is as happy as can be, and so am I. I call him "Abuelito", which means "Grandpa" He calls me "Mi Reina", which means "My Queen".

Yes, it’s really nice having a man around the house and what makes it even more magnificent is that there is absolutely NO SEX!

And here is the web page I've created with
pictures of this wonderful old man who so
abruptly came into my life:

Pictures Of My Grandpa

Grandpa's Bedroom Pictures


JOIN the U.S. Army
Los Benificios del U.S. Army
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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