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Political Party Switch and Welfare

I realize that it doesn’t make one iota of a difference when a little NOBODY like me switches from being a once loyal Democrat to a Republican. As much as I dislike intensely some of the GOP, I can't in all faith remain a Demo. I'll always love President Obama and his family, but the time has come for me to switch.

What finally broke the camel’s back is when President Obama and the Demo’s recently started non-stop their propaganda to mess with gun control.

Another reason is because of my rage of all of those of us who are working more and more, like damn dogs, to survive financially. I get sick when I go to Albertson’s and see young men and women, who are healthier than horses, buy lobster tails which were on sale for $4.99, and snow crab clusters for $5.99 a pound. She must have had at least 3 pounds. What the woman bought was none of my business, until I saw her at the check out counter. She pulled out her Lone Star card!! This enraged me because aside from ground beef, I had a package of IMMITATION crab! Why? Because there was no way in hell I could have afforded the delicacies this woman had, which were paid by the working class tax dollars. I also see LONG lines in the pastry department where healthy men and woman leave with GIANT bags of pastries. I even see these people buy big birthday cakes with their Lone Star card. I will sometimes buy ONE sweet bun because that’s all I can afford!

I have seen so much abuse, and have always kept my mouth shut, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult. I am seeing advertisements GALORE from dentists catering to kids, and wondered why. Now I know. These dentists cater to Welfare children, by not only capping their teeth with something like silver stuff, but by also providing a van to go and pick them and their mom up from their home, and then returning them back home after the work has been done. The abuse covers housing, medical, food, cell phones, and God knows what more.

I can now see what Romney meant by “entitlement.”

READ MY LIPS! My rant is NOT for the elderly, ill or handicap.

Government give! But please make these people economize just as we work for our bread and butter. I LOVE lobster and snow and king crab legs, but I just CANNOT afford to buy them.

Leave our firearms alone! – I will write more on this topic.

Join The NRA
"The Right of the People to Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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