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First of all, I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving.

So many things have happened, and continue to happen; things I haven't had a chance to share with you kids.

I'm going to make a list here of all the things I keep forgetting to share, because things continue to happen faster than I can remember.

My list to remember to post just as soon as I have a chance:

1. A shot gun wedding because a muffin was suddenly baking in the oven.
2. Continuation of my aunt’s situation with her pancreatic cancer.
3. A cousin's death with Cancer, and my refusal to go to the Rosary and Funeral.
4. Another aunt out of town aunt has cervical cancer.
5. I took a flight to New York this year, and will share a few pics.
6. I took a flight to Chiapas, Mexico, and will share a few pics.
7. My three best friends, Norma, Lolly, Glory and I will be driving to San Antonio on the 13th of this month and returning on the 16th. I'll take pics to share.
8. I'm over my head in pets! I haven't shared pictures of the 3 more little dogs I've added to my pet collection. The vet bills have been astronomical for the months of Oct. and Nov.

Friends and family are now calling me Lorena Bobbit, because I've had at least 30 male pets, and 4 female pets spayed and neutered! Jellybean was neutered; Cookie and Peanut are next in January of 2013! In the future, I will explain why, since I have all my female pets spayed.
9. The joyous and not so joyous Thanksgiving.
10. I must post pics of the wonderful treasures like clothes for myself and Grandpa, stuffed toy rabbit for myself, and baby quilts for my little dogs and cats from my favorite 2nd hand shop!
11. Oreo, my gigantic once stray pit bull has become vicious. Things she has done that have me very worried.
12. I must continue with my Getting to Know Playgirl Better!
13. I must continue with my Brag Photo Album! My 4 legged babies!</h4

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