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Murphy's Law - Democratic National Convention 2012

Three months of Murphy's Law!

1. Old frig broke, had to buy new one.
2 Old dryer broke, had to buy 2nd hand one.
3. Car's electronic lights wouldn't shut off. Drove to Juarez, Mexico where it was fixed for oodles of less money than anyone from E.P.! BEEP BEEP!
4. OLD, OLD computer crashed. My photoshop, everything went with it. Thank goodness I had backups, but I still must buy some very important programs. Bought a new expensive fancy computer. I hate it. I want my OLD computer back! I'll find out on Monday if I'll have it working perfectly again. I cannot live without my OLD computer!

On another note:

I ADORE you, President Obama!
Just as I could feel it in my bones that you would definitely win in 2008, I have absolutely NO doubt that you will win again in November 2012!
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