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Whitney Houston’s death Compassionless, Drugs, Grammy Awards, Exorcism

Words escape me in articulating my utter shock. There are about 2,000 comments about Whitney Houston’s death, and had to stop after reading about 30 of them. I have come to the conclusion that most of those who commented have a liver for a heart. The comments were utterly repulsive. All I have to say to these loathsome people is that they are despicable cowards who hide behind their monitors while spewing their hatred. One thing is for sure and that is that they'll someday find out that Karma is a bitch!

Drugs have destroyed countless families. I myself lost two cousins to it, and this is why I'm so very against it ever being legalized. Those who showed no empathy in their comments will eventually find that some loved one will succumb to this horrifying and deadly thing we call drugs. Perhaps then, they’ll learn the meaning of compassion and respect for the dead.

As for the Gammy Awards, I enjoyed them very much, but I must say that when Nicki Minaj started with her performance of a diabolical exorcism, I had to change the channel, because I found it to be a blasphemy of all that is holy! I love watching blood and gore movies, but not this kind of sacrilegious depravity!

Oh! And Adele was absolutely wonderful!

Here are a few mind-boggling examples of what I read about Whitney Houston’s tragic:

A tribute to an alcoholic drug addict? She deserved what she got... a cold slab in the morgue....

Eff whitney houston. She was a druggie who did it all to herself. That's the black mentality for you, act like the world is over because "her demons be gettin to her and sheet".

I liked her on Oprah best. If she would have got her head up Oprah's dress, she would have OD'ed on all that crack then and there.

GEE !!! Just another dead pill popping pot smoking coke snorter !!! Ditto for the little white boy lover Michael Jackson !! Good riddance of Ghetto dumpster trailer trash !!!

Looks like Jennifer needs to lose about 20 more pounds. You can actually see the giant snickers bar sticking out of her dress...what a fatty

Amazing how a child molester and a crackhead die from drug overdoses and are suddenly viewed as upstanding citizens, role models, and a loss to society. If only we had more people like Whiteny Houston and Michael Jackson.....the world would be a better place! "Bobby, pass me the crack....I need a fix!"

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