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What annoys you about people?

There are many things that annoy me about people, and these are three of them:

1. When a person says um or ah after every few words uttered. Example: I saw ah... Mary yesterday at ah... the mall, and ah... I walked over ah... to her and ah... she walked away! ah... I found her ah... actions extremely umah... rude! OR: People who constantly say... KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

2. I'm a pretty cool gal, but I lose total control when someone tailgates me on the freeway. I'm not going to tell you what I do because you'll think I'm nuts, but I can tell you that tailgater will never, ever again tailgate someone else.

3. When someone stands so close to me, that I can feel this person breathing down my neck as I'm opening my purse to pay the cashier.

What annoys you about people?
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