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Immigration Reform - Fox, Bush, and Mexico

Many Americans are not willing to take these menial jobs because financially, it is impossible to make it. The pathetic minimum wage can not pay for our bills, such as food, rent/house payment, property taxes, car payments, gasoline, car insurance, outrageous utility bills, health care, day care, clothes, and the list goes on.

BUT, there are still many of us who must have a full-time job, as well as a part-time job. There are many of us who will take whatever job we can, may it be washing dishes, waitressing, cashiering or flapping hamburgers. But it has become close to impossible to get these types of jobs. As for assembly lines in the U.S. they have become non-existent because ALL the factories have gone across the border as "maquilladoras." There are many of Americans who don't have degrees yet, and many who will never have them. BUT, in a pathetic way, be grateful because the maquilladoras are in Mexico because alot of the money the workers from Mexico earn in these factories, come to shop in the U.S. What's happening now is that these fat rich Americans that moved their companies to Mexico, are still not satisfied in paying the disgraceful wages to the Mexicans. They're taking there companies overseas to the Asian companies where they will pay pennies to their workers. And guess what? you, American citizen will never see a penny of it being spent here in the U.S.A.

Take truck drivers, they have been the backbone of this country since the rigs were invented. Many truck drivers could make a decent living for their families. NOT ANYMORE. Was it Clinton who opened the flood gates with Nafta? Truck divers from Mexico could only go to a certain point in the U.S. NOW, President Bush has opened those gates worldwide. The border cities are a massacre now, because the oodles of never ending rigs pass the international bridge and onto the streets and highways. The destruction to our highways are constantly seen. Who pays for the repairs? THE TAX PAYERS! I have seen rigs with Mexico license plates go at high speeds and in a most reckless manner down the freeways. If one of these rigs should crash and we are maimed or cause the death of some innocent car driver, who is going to pay the hospital bills or pay that person who will not be able to work anymore because of his sudden handicap?

There are many Americans who make their living as construction workers, but now they can't get jobs because illegals are paid the minimum by employers.

It is very true that Americans prefer not to have the migrant farmworkers job, but then too, the migrant farmworkers should stop complaining about injustic manner they are treated. PERIOD! They have it much better than if they were working and living back in Mexico, where the lucky ones work in American owned sweat factories, working about 10 hrs per day and getting paid approximately $4.00 for the day = and approximately $30.00 per week. They endure the worst injustices in Mexico by their employees and they can't complain whatsoever, much less file suits.

As for Mexico educating their children, there's a song that goes something like this: Las letras no entran cuando se tiene hambre, which means, The studies and lectures don't enter when there's hunger. How can children go to school, when they are hungry, when they themselves must go out into the streets and help the family financially in order to eat. There are countless men without legs, dragging themselves along the streets. WHY? Because they tried to catch moving trains and slipped. They were trying to go to the U.S. to find jobs. Many of them made it, but were somehow accidently locked in the boxcars, to suffocate and die. WHY? Because Mexico has NOTHING to offer. Mexico is a crying shame, and how sad because Mexico is among the richest in natural resources in the world.

These devastations have been continuous and relentless, since the days of Don Porfirio Diaz. Mexico has been robbed by its rich and the poor have paid the price. How is it possible that President Fox can't control "Los Pinos?" He and his cabinet have the AUTHORITY. Fox has the power to make the laws. If he doesn't, then why the hell does Mexico have a President to begin with?

He should start to think seriously for the salvation of his country and not for himself. Mexico is the richest of most nations, but the continuous theft has left it in ruins.

Has he no shame that the world knows what I have brought about here? If I were Fox, I'd try to find the nearest hole and hide in it, instead of gallivanting in the affairs of the United States of America.

Believe me, I love MY Mexican people, how could I not, my mother is Mexican and Spanish. My greatest hopes and dreams are that someday, Mexico will have a president who really cares about his people by getting off his butt and WORKING for a SOLUTION, instead of taking ALL of Mexico's money, after he has finished his 6 year term, and heading for the Swiss banks and leaving the poor even poorer. What a crying shame!

By and by, for those of you who want GUN CONTROL here in the America, look and REALLY STUDY those countries who have taken away the right to bare arms from its citizens. If you REALLY study it and see EXACTLY what happens to the people of those countries, you WILL FIGHT tooth and nail for your RIGHT TO BARE ARMS!!!!!

JOIN the U.S. Army
Los Benificios del U.S. Army
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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