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Mexican President Fox DEMANDS of President Bush

Mexican President Vicente Fox is not asking, but demanding that President Bush grant amnesty to more than 3 million illegal immigrants. AND he continues with his DEMANDS that hundreds of thousands get visas to work, along with benefits.

Why is President Bush even considering his demands? When this country is already busting at the seams and when there are millions of Americans unemployed because there are no jobs? To even get a job as a waitress, cook, store cashier or flapping hamburgers, is close to impossible. Why? Because those employees (who can't speak English) are from another country. When NAFTA passed, the hardships on Americans became very hard. If this immigration thing that Fox is DEMANDING, and even THREATENING with closed fist, and President Bush seriously contemplates giving into his demands, then American's situation will most definitely become unbearable.

I know for fact that ALL MEXICAN AMERICANS have great fears and concerns and OPPOSE President Bush increased immigration.

It offends me to a great extent, in seeing this man with his expensive leather boots, walking along side President Bush, sticking his nose where he has NO right to stick them in.

What Fox needs to do is to start concentrating on Mexico's shameful problems. For starts, he should GO to Cd. Juarez, Mexico and start DEMANDING with clenched fists, a thorough investigation into the unsolved murders of more than 400 murdered girls, then found dumped out in the dessert. Murders occur on a daily basis, horrors such as this case which Happened yesterday, where a man and a little four-year-old girl were shot to death. The little girl was shot through the forehead. Here is the picture of her dead, as she holds her little teddy bear. The mother of the child was wounded and will survive. What makes this all the more horrible is that those involved in these senseless murders will never be caught. Why doesn't this 6'5" amazon, EVER mention these atrocities to his people or the world? He can never be found in Mexico because he's traveling all over the world.

I have on MANY occasions gone into Juarez, Mexico and have been heartbroken to see the homeless old people setting on the sidewalk, asking for a little money. It breaks my heart to see little children hungry and in rags, selling little pieces of gum in order to feed themselves and their family. My heart breaks to see hundreds of men without legs, dragging themselves along the streets of the immigration border, asking for a little help. Fox NEEDS get the hell out of the United States BUSINESS. Fox needs to concentrate on finding solutions for his own country, Mexico. He needs to make some kind of effort to help the people there, who are in a desperate situations.

PLEASE! Be aware that my heart bleeds for the Mexican people in Mexico. But we as Americans have enough problems trying to survive. Trying to afford paying for our homes, and feeding our own families, plus dealing with crime. Charity begins at home.

My question is, who the hell IS the President of the United States? Bush or Fox??

JOIN the U.S. Army
Los Benificios del U.S. Army
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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