Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
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Since I have a bunch of trees, I have a bunch of birds – pigeons and pigeon like birds, but a little bit smaller, wrens, and big black birds. When the pigeon like birds that are smaller than pigeons poop, they poop a huge gooey purplish colored poop. You’ll find their spattered poop all over my car, driveway, backyard patio, and picnic tables – everything.

Why is this post about bird poop? Because this past Saturday, I went to my mailbox, and when I reached in to grab the mail, a bird pooped right on my arm, and the chest part of my blouse. This angered me a great deal, but then started wondering what bird poop smelled like, so I raised my arm and smelled it. It doesn’t smell bad at all.

Tags: birds
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