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Italy, Costa Rica, Casey Anthony Murder Trial

This is a pic of Costa Rica.

I returned from Beautiful Italy yesterday morning, and I have oodles of beautiful pics to share with you.

I also have oodles of pictures of my trip to Costa Rica, and will share them before I share the ones of Italy. When I post the ones of Costa Rica, I'll show them as thumbnails which will lead you to the BIG ones of each pic.

On another note, I've had the entire Casey Anthony Murder trial recorded, and I am watching right now the closing arguments.

My predictions are that Casey will be found NOT GUILTY of murdering her little girl. I believe Georger Anthony lied about not having an affair with with River Cruz, and this to me makes George Anthony a liar about everything else, encluding his denial of molesting Casey since she was 8 years old. I do not like the man. As for Cindy Anthony, I feel so sad and sorry for her. I also believe that she will divorce him after this horror has ended.

My heart goes out to baby Caylee Anthony, who I believe with all my heart that she drowned in the family pool!

As for the death penalty, I have ALWAYS been against it.

If you have the same opinion as I do about this trial, or you don't, and would like to share them with me, please do so. Remember, my Livejournal has always been FREEDOM of SPEECH LJ.

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