Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
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Little Black Bird

Yesterday and the morning - a nightmare!

When I got home from a dinner date, Grandpa told me that a little black bird was in the backyard, and kept all my 6 little indoor dogs inside so they wouldn’t bother it. The 2 ferocious big dogs weren’t a problem, because they are toward the far side of the yard, which is enclosed with a tall fence. The other outdoor dogs were placed in a chain linked corral.

Since I have so many trees, I also have many wild black birds. Although, these birds are as big as ravens, they are some other type of bird. Looks like this one bird attempted a test flight when it wasn’t ready. Had he/she waited one more day, I believe it would have been successful.

We constantly kept checking on the little bird, and every time we did, countless black birds tried to attack us, because they thought we were trying to hurt the bird. We didn’t let any of my indoor dogs go outside to do their business, and kept them locked up in the den.

Early this morning, I went out to check on the little bird and it wasn’t there anymore. I was so happy, because that meant that it was finally able to fly. I finally let all my little dogs go outside.

Since my dogs were kept inside since yesterday, I had to thoroughly clean and disinfect the floors in the den. When I finished, I headed to the front door to feed all my outdoor cats. Right on the floor mat was parts of the little black bird! My cats never venture to the backyard because they are afraid of my dogs, but they did sometime last night. My cats had grabbed it and taken it to the front porch to eat it. They left parts of it on the mat as a gift to me!

This has totally ruined my day, and just don’t know how I’ll manage showing off my surprised facial expression for my surprise birthday party today!

Tags: birds, cats, dogs
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