Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Prince Williams and Princess Catherine's Wedding

With great anticipation to watch the wedding, I stayed up all night munching on a Cesar’s salad and sipping coffee. I had everything ready; my seven cats, and six dogs in my computer room with their cozy doggy beds strewn all over the floor. A bottle of red wine and a goblet sat on my computer desk, ready to fill and toast the married couple.

I finally decided to lie down on the sofa. Big mistake! I feel asleep when the future Princess Catherine stepped out of the car! [info]daddy, [info]lt_howitzer and [info]watch_and_see, you should have woken me up!

I've always found extramarital affairs repugnant. It angered me when I saw the once adulterous Duchess of Cornwall standing on the balcony next to Prince Williams and Princess Catherine. Since the once adulterous Prince Charles is the father of Prince Williams, I can understand why he was standing there.

The bride looked breathtakingly beautiful! I wish the newlywed couple all the happiness in the world!

Tags: royal wedding
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