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Loud phone call leads to pregnant woman's arrest

I honestly believe that with each day that goes by, we as Americans are losing our Civil Rights at a disturbingly fast rate.

I have grown, at an alarming degree; to be terrified of the police who are suppose to "protect us from REALLY DANGEROUS GUYS. Everyday a BRAND NEW law is invented and goes into effect, in order to arrest us. At the rate these new laws are produced, ALL Americans will be incarcerated at some point in their lives.

We are a country who continues to invent more and more laws, building more and more jails because people are arrested for everything under the sun. With each new law comes a brand new potential for making MONEY. Arrests are BIG money makers.

I swear by all mighty God, the police make my blood run cold with fear!!! I'm not saying that ALL policemen are bad, but what I AM saying is that there is way too many who behave just like the Gestapo!!

Now, we CAN NOT even go OUTSIDE and talk on our cell phones in a loud manner, or a policeman might very well physically injure us! This made me SICK! Read:

CNN News
Loud phone call leads to pregnant woman's arrest

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