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Darwin's Theory

It’s just my warped up wicked mind working on overdrive again.

I THINK the rich GOP and Tea-boogers, and possibly the some in the Democratic Party have found the perfect method of dealing with the poor, middle, and lower middle class who are from the age of 54, all the way down to the one year olds.

1. Money talks and money rules, so do away with democracy and the vote.
2. The United States Constitution: Hell, it’s just a bunch of scribbles on a bunch of pages! 3. Do away with it!
4. Do away with unions
5. Do away with Social Security! The fools can live in cardboard boxes, and become scavengers in search of food.
6. Education? Hell, just fire most of the teachers, and if they should want to go to college, raise the tuition fees sky high! Need to keep ‘em ignorant!
5. Do away with Medicare:
Give the fools a coupon for a few bucks, and have them seek some health insurance to insure them. Of course, insurance companies will say: “Are ya crazy?”

Now that the middle and lower middle class will become part of the poor class because they’ll have no moe money honey, and will start dying off due to the fact that they won’t be able to afford healthy nutritious food, or medical health care.

Funerals? Hell, just bury the poor fools in city dumps!

Before we know it, we will have accomplished our goal! The natural selection of our favored races!

Wait a dern dog gone minute! Better keep a few of them vermin alive so they can do all the dirty work for all us rich folk so we can continue living in luxury and high of the hog! After all, we rich folk are the fittest and have the God given right to survive! HEE HAW!


Join The NRA
"The Right of the People To Keep and Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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