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PICTURES: Pisac (Village), Peru - Weaving - Painting Wool Page SIX

Peru is beautiful. It made me realize how much there it to see in this world, and how shallow some people in developed countries are.

This pic was taken in the market of Cusco. The pots with the colorful powdery contents are the paints they use to dye the llama/wool. The colors you see aren't the same colors when they apply water. I thought it was so cool that it comes from flowers!

This man is dunking the wool into the prepared paint.

This is the kind of life I've always dreamed of. Peruvians are so natural, and so real. They live on so very little, but are so content.

Youtube Video: Awachiy Chinchero
Youtube Video: Cusco Chinchero

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PICTURES: Pisac (Village), Peru - Weaving - Painting Wool Page SIX


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