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PICTURES: Cusco and Pisac Peru - Food: Page FIVE

One things for sure, just about everywhere I went, someone had their own cute llama.
The beautiful baby girl was dressed in her Sunday best.

These ladies invited me to their home to eat. I must say, the Peruvian people are the nicest people you could ever encounter!

I just didn't know what to do when I learned that what was in the bowl, was chicken soup. So, as to not offend, I ever so carefully sipped a little of the broth, making sure I didn't get any of the chicken. The torta like fried cake was egg with veggies. It was delicious, as were the cubes of cheese.

What do Peruvians eat for Breakfast? Lunch? DInner? What countries had influnce on Peruvian food?

Many more pages of Peru Pictures to come soon:
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PICTURES: Cusco and Pisac Peru - Food: Page FIVE

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