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Malicious offensive insult

Ever since I had my LJ, I've been called EVERY hideous name in the book, not only in my own journal, but in those I've left comments in, which have never, ever been offensive in any way. I'm pretty tough skinned and have always let those insults go in one ear and out the other, and filed them in my WHATEVER file, but not this time. I haven't been able to get the things that horrible woman called me and accused me of, out of my head. I will NOT say in what LJ this happened.

On Feb. 22 of this year, there was this silly Writer's Block Question in a LJ friend's journal:

"Let's say you're running for president, and you win by a mudslide. What would you change about your country and why? Would you make new laws? Paint the White House blue? Tell all!"

I answered in my very good friend whom I care for a great deal and admire:

Playgirl: I would bring back every single soldier back home, get rid of Patriot Act, and the GOP. I'd also make it a federal crime when anyone (Michael Vick for example) is caught abusing animals. (I forgot to also write that I'd paint the White House red, which is my favorite color.

Some stranger from out of nowhere butted in and left this horrible comment for me:
Horrible Woman: Yeah, right. Leave this wealthy country undefended so that the barbarians without could rush in and loot everything, rape all the women and children, do wholesale murder, and then head out, leaving this country in ruins and those of its people who have survived starving. And by "barbarians" in this case I also include Islamist terrorists. As for the GOP, since they're a political party and the President has no authority to dissolve political parties, I assume you mean to mount a palace coup, throw out the Constitution, and become an emperor-despot -- but if so, where's the huge army you'd need to do that? And it's rather curious that you'd try to make abusing animals a federal crime, but not abuse of human children. That says some fascinating things about your priorities -- and, perhaps, your . . . pastimes. May you never, ever get control over any human child. Ever.

I replied: What's your problem A - hole! I would have lashed out at her, but since it happened in my friend's journal, I didn't because of respect for him.

She never replied to this, but left this comment to the LJ owner:
The President couldn't legally do that anyway. Any Executive Order to that effect would simply be ignored. Also, the President doesn't make law -- Congress doe, though the President can make Executive Orders (with no guarantee that Congress will ratify them). That's what set me off -- the statements she made strongly imply that she isn't familiar with the US Constitution, and what the duties and privileges of the President really are.

When I answered the writer's block question, I had no idea the question was a Political Science test from Harvard! A long time ago, I made a special page in one of my websites about the Constitution. Of course, many parts of it are confusing for me, but overall, I do know the Constriction.
The Constitution of the United States

Those times I've left a comment in LJ friend's journals, or Communities - I have no earthly idea why I’ve attracted nasty comments from total strangers! What bitterly stung me most this time was her insane comment about CHILDREN!

I hope the owner of the LJ where this happened isn't too angry at me, but I hope he'll understand that I had to spit this out for my own mental (RAGE) well being.


Join The NRA

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