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Unions - Working with dignity

Unions - Working with dignity

I am all for Unions, because I am a Union Worker.

I have paid, and continue to pay (quite a bit) money into S.S. because of the money I make with my websites, but I will never get one penny of that money. Why? Because when I retire, (unless the GOP gobbles up my money) I'll be getting a pension.

All I can say is that unions protect workers from some slave driving employers.

One of the greatest benefits I get for being a union worker is having health insurance that pays 100%; even dental work. Prescription medicine costs me approximately $20.00.

Before I joined the military, I worked at a Jack-In-The-Box for a couple of months. I'll never forget when the manager called me a bitch. Unions protect employees from verbal abuse such as that.

This country is looking more and more like Mexico to me, where there are OODLES of the rich class, a few middle class, and OODLES upon OODLES of the poverty stricken class. Can't you all see how the GOP is hell bent on destroying us? What I'll NEVER understand is how the working class voted the GOP in, when it's always been as plain as the finger on my hand, that they could give a horses buck teeth if we live or die. They are for, and ONLY for the rich! Can't you see that?

Here are some links:
Union Workers Have Better Health Care and Pensions

Change To Win - The Union Advantage

WE ARE ONE - Join people across America who are rising up to support workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and other states fighting for middle-class jobs


Join The NRA

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