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PICTURES Cusco , Peru: Page THREE - GOP & Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

PICTURES Cusco , Peru: Page THREE

After I took this picture, I grabbed this sweet little lady and gave her a big hug. As for the lama, I gave him/her a big hug, too!

This is the market in Cusco, Peru, where people sell their home grown produce, and arts and crafts. I'll post a little at a time many more pictures of this market.

All Peruvian women carry their babies or groceries in slings around their backs.
Peru: Women still use slings as a primary means of carrying their babies

I always spatter my pictures with the URL of one of my websites, because there are some webmasters who take pictures and claim them as their own. I also do it to advertise this particular website.

On another note, I hope you kids are watching MSNBC, where you will always find the TRUTH about what is going on in Wisconsin. Fox News isn't telling it as it is, because they are for the wealthy only.

Each day that passes, I fail to understand more and more why so many working middle class voted the GOP in. I'm almost sure that they now regret it. The GOP is ONLY looking for the best interest of the RICH. The Democrat Party is for the poor and working middle class. Can't you see that the GOP is trying to completely obliterate the middle class? Open you eyes and see what's going on. Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker scares me to death!

Although, this Youtube video wasn't taken in Peru, you can get an idea as to how beautiful the music is. [info]watch_and_see once heard the music at a fair, and liked it so much that she bought a cd.
Andean Folklore Music Agua Clara-Valle De La Luna

Wikipedia Introduction to places I went to in Peru:
Cusco, Peru - Also spelled Cuzco
The Peruvian villiage of Písac

Many more pages of Peru Pictures to come soon:
Cusco , Peru - Písac, a Peruvian village PICTURES: Page TWO

PICTURES Cusco , Peru: Page THREE - GOP & Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

PICTURES: Peruvian women, children, baby llama: Page FOUR

PICTURES: Cusco and Pisac Peru - Food: Page FIVE

PICTURES: Pisac (Village), Peru - Weaving - Painting Wool Page SIX


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