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Cusco , Peru - Písac, a Peruvian village PICTURES: Page TWO

A Mom with her beautiful baby girls.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to start posting my collection of Peru pics. I had to make up time at work, help Grandpa give a thorough clean up of home and yard, go to Sam’s, and bathe all my pets. I was also called to Jury Duty. I'm so incredibly happy that I wasn't picked as one of the jurors! About 2 years ago, I was summoned for the very 1st time in my life to Jury Duty, and was chosen as one of the 13 jurors. It was a criminal case. The 13th juror had to be there just in case one of us got sick or whatever. It was a horrible experience for me that lasted 5 whole days! I will someday share with you what I went through. I MUST!

Most of you know that I have never in my life eaten chicken, turkey, or anything with feathers. I’m extremely careful when I order something that it doesn’t have anything that’s fowl. Since there were so many strange names on the menu, I asked the waitress if the plate I was ordering contained anything with feathers. She said no, so I ordered it.

When I was stationed in South Korea, I voluntarily ate a bowl of fried worms. I have a pic of them somewhere in my LJ, but couldn’t find it.

This is the platter that was brought to me.

I regret asking what I had just eaten, because I was shocked and heartbroken!

Before you look any further, can you guess what I ate?

I just about died when I found out I had just eaten this adorable guinea pig!

This is one of the many places in Písac, a Peruvian village, that guinea pigs are bred.

Here I’m drinking what is the gold of Peru – a Cusqueña beer.

Melodia INCA – chuklla – Such peaceful music

Wikipedia Introduction to a few of the places I went to in Peru:
Cusco, Peru - Also spelled Cuzco
The Peruvian villiage of Písac

Many more pages of Peru Pictures to come soon:
Cusco , Peru - Písac, a Peruvian village PICTURES: Page TWO

PICTURES Cusco , Peru: Page THREE - GOP & Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

PICTURES: Peruvian women, children, baby llama: Page FOUR

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PICTURES: Pisac (Village), Peru - Weaving - Painting Wool Page SIX


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