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Peru, El Paso 3rd World City, Juarez, Mexico

1. Peru:
I took countless pictures of Peru, and can’t make up my mind as to how I will show them to you. I’ll either make a special web page with a description for each, or make thumbnails where you’ll just click to take you to the large version of the pics. I also want to show you the few trinkets I bought over there.

2. Unbelievable:
It almost feels like I live in a 3rd world American city. El Paso, Texas has been a nightmare ever since we got a miserable TWO inches of snow; not even enough to make a snowman!! The whole week consisted of the city electric power going down EIGHT times. The electricity would go on, and then a few hours it was out. This went on for three days. THEN! The city was without water, some places up to three whole days. For those of us who still had water, we were told not to drink it because it was contaminated. We were also told not shower, use the dishwasher or wash clothes for THREE more days.

I have an electric water dispenser that I bought a few years ago at the flee market, and always buy the big 5 gallon jugs of distilled water. When I noticed I had a little water left, I went immediately to buy more, but it was all gone. I traveled all over El Paso, but there was none to be found! I had no choice but to boil water for my MANY dogs and cats. On Monday, I went to Sam’s and bought four cases of regular bottled water. What a nightmare! We are all charged outrageous amounts of money for electricity and water. It got much colder in Las Cruces, NM, yet they had no problems at all.

What I want to know is what the hell those fat cats have done so much money? They surely haven’t spent it on keeping their equipment up to par!

3. Juarez, Mexico:
Instead of walking or riding my bicycle as I usually do, I drove my car way into the boonies of Juarez, Mexico a few days ago to take people some ugly and cheap blankets I had bought since last year for my outdoor dogs and cats at the 2nd hand store. I felt those people needed them more than my animals.

I need to make a FRIENDS ONLY post, not about the violence, because I didn’t see any of that, but about the inexcusable gut wrenching inhumanity I saw and heard about over there. I’ll be making another trip there this Saturday or Sunday. Thanks to my friends, and neighbors, I have more blankets to take.

Since the first of January, there have already been approximately 276 murders in Juarez.


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