Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

About my over one ton elephant - Peru

How much does an elephant weigh?

To make a long story short, remember this over 1,000 pound Gibralter safe I bought back in 2009?

1. The safe has been outside since I bought it. Since I have a basement, I found a stranger off the streets to reinforce the structure of that part of the basement in the den where the safe would stand. The man brought another guy in his twenties to help him. On the 2nd day, they brought the safe in, which took them over 5 hours since it was so heavy. I paid them and that was that.

2. A few days later, I saw them at the grocery store parking lot. The man approached me and asked me if I now had the safe full of money. I laughed and told him I wished! They both made strange sound that meant they didn't believe me. When I saw I was dealing with fools, I walked away.

Days later, I was approached again by both of them and they asked me the same question. I told them if I had money, which I DIDN'T, I'd keep it at the bank.

3. I recently found out that the 20 something guy had recently come out from prison. Word has now spread that I have a big safe inside my house.

4. These two stupid jerks honestly believe I have money inside the safe!

5. I believe I made a serious mistake when I picked them off the street.

I'll be going to Cusco, Peru VERY soon. If you suddenly don't hear from me in LJ, you'll know where I'm at. Can hardly wait to take oodles of pics to share with you kids of that that beautiful country!
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