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Update on Jerry’s Eye: PAGE FOUR

I have always been extra careful charging with my credit card, and only charge an amount that I know I’ll be able to pay in full by the next bill because I find it sinful to pay interest. I once did charge more than I had because of an emergency, and had to make about three payments to get the balance to zero. I found myself having to charge way beyond my means again because of an emergency. It will take me quite a few payments to bring the balance down to zero again, but thankfully, my four brothers have agreed to pitch in to help me pay it off.

As mentioned before, Jerry had an eye operation by my regular vet, but it didn’t work, so she recommended a Veterinary Ophthalmology specialist from Albuquerque, N.M, who comes to El Paso once a month.

He operated on Jerry’s eye on Monday. The bill came out to $2,300.00. When I was told how much it was going to be, I gave it much thought, but came to the conclusion that I just couldn’t bare to have him lose his eye. He is after all a member of my family! The doctor was totally up front with me, and told me there were no guarantees. I’ll let you all know if it worked or not.

This Christmas, I’m having all my four brothers, and the wife of once of them and three kids over from California and San Antonio. I’ve also invited that ex-convict I had living in my backyard apartment, his girlfriend, and her dad. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update on him and will do so soon. My three best friends will be here, too. I will have a royal feast for them, but I have demanded each and every one of them chips in on the fixin’s I’ll be making.

Playgirl's Animal Farm: I’ll eventually continue creating HAPPY picture pages of the rest of my oodles and oodles of 4-legged kids!

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