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Juarez, Mexico, Anglos & African American Customs

NY Times video: The most dangerous beat: Juárez, Mexico

I went to Juarez, Mexico this weekend, and spoke with some citizens who were passing by a park.

You have read that things are getting better in Juarez, but it is not true; it gets worse by the day. There have been something like 60 or more police officers murdered already. The kidnappings that occur on a daily basis are astronomical. Everyone is in danger. A few days ago, two doctors were murdered. Schools are shutting down, because it was made public that they, along with teachers were next.

Because of extortion, out of something like 17,000 businesses, only about 1,600 are left and these are still open because they are paying the extortionists. Now Hummers are going to homes and threatening them too for extortion.

Not all the killings you read about are those who are involved in the cartel. Many are innocent men, women and children. The cartel is involved in the big stuff, and the regular hoodlums are involved in stealing, raping and killing innocent people. People cannot leave their humble little homes alone, because when they return, they find everything as been stolen.

There are countless beautiful statues in Juarez with bronze or copper plaques. These have been stolen. The steel covers (I don’t know what they’re called) on streets have been stolen.

There is absolutely no law in Juarez. The criminals are the ONLY ones with firearms, and this makes the citizens sitting ducks.

I had a nasty experience, not by the criminals of Juarez, but by this female customs agent who you show your passport to get back to El Paso. The way it goes is that you walk up to the customs agent and show your passport. Then you’re asked why you went to Juarez, and you tell to eat, doctor, or whatever reason. When I walked up to her, I showed her my passport, then she asked me something I didn’t quite hear, so I assumed she’d asked me why I had gone to Juarez, and replied to eat. In the most sarcastically and rude manner she told me she didn’t ask me that. That what she’d asked me was where I was going. The way she spoke to me made me very angry, so I sarcastically pointed my finger to the front of me, and yelled HOME!! What a stupid question. If I’m facing the U.S., then it’s obvious I’m going home, right?! She gave me a really nasty look, and then I walked away towards the machine where you put your purse so it can be scanned. I HATE people who let the uniform they’re wearing go to their head! Not all are like this pompous witch; most treat people in a courteous manner! The nicest ones are the Anglos and African Americans!

I’ll show some of the pics I took. There aren’t too many because to be frank, I was afraid for the first time to be seen with a camera, and be thought to be a tourist in Juarez. I plan on going again this coming weekend to take more.

I’m dead serious when I say that Satan himself moved from hell to Mexico!

Amazingly, El Paso is still the 2nd safest city to live in thanks to our excellent law enforcement!


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