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Picture album of my 11 dogs & 17 or 20 something cats - PAGE FOUR

This is last years picture of me wearing my favorite winter duds (RARELY buy brand new outfits, but managed to pay peanuts for these – TOOTS HORN!) as I hold Lucrecia in my arms.

There’s nothing strange about me always attracting dogs and cats, but what I do find strange is that there’s always been a black cat that has mysteriously come into my life. The most recent black cat is the kitten I recently climbed (an eight or nine foot fence which nearly killed me after falling all the way down as I was exiting) saved from a ferocious dog. She isn’t in this collection of my black cats, but I’ll soon take pictures of her to share with you. I’ll also share pictures of the itty bitty kitten that guy found in the street a few weeks ago and brought to me. Both these new kittens which have not been given names yet, are living inside the house, too.

I don’t believe I can actually call my cats feral, since they were never domesticated. I’ll just call them wild stray cats that appeared from nowhere, and the oodles of kittens they had before I was finally able to trap, spay, neuter, and micro-chip each one by me at my own expense. The Humane Society in this city offered diddly squat in helping me.

I choose to allow the black cats to live inside my house only, because black cats are in so much danger due to so many people being superstitious about their color. As you can see, they are now absolutely gorgeous. I brush their fur more than I brush my own hair! :o)

Meet Lucrecia - Lucrecia de León. I felt the name was perfect for her because of a Renaissance era book, “Lucrecia's Dreams.”

Meet Matilda - Empress Matilda. Why did I choose these name? Because she KNOWS she’s an empress!

Meet Propsero - Prospero Duke of Milan from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

As you can see, Propsero eats not like a duke but a king!

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