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Jerry: Update THREE

Update on Jerry’s Eye:

After six visits to my regular vet, this picture shows how it looks right now, after she took off the stitches that held his lower lid to the very top of his eyelid.

Dr. Barrett is a Veterinary Ophthalmology specialist from Albuquerque, N.M., and comes to El Paso once a month, since there isn’t any eye specialist in this city. He also practices at the offices of Eye Care For Animals in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

I saw him today, and he will make another trip here next week to perform surgery on Jerry’s eye. He proved himself to me to be an expert, and I really liked his bedside manner. He gave me a tiny bit of hope, and I’m totally confident he’ll do everything possible for Jerry.

He told me it hadn’t been a good idea for my regular vet, the one who referred me to him, to have sewed his lower eyelid to the inside of the top eyelid, because he felt he had an eye infection from the very beginning, and by sewing it as she did, it prevented the infection from healing. I’m still grateful that my regular veterinarian tried her very best to heal Jerry.

This is what happened today:
Eye Specialist Exam Basic
Fluorescein Stain
Schirmer Tear Test

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