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Julian Assange Wikileaks, Update on Jerry's eye

1. Julian Assange, Founder of Wikileaks:

These classified document leaks by Wikileaks reminds me of something similar in my life. Of course, it wasn't as dramatic as the leaks by Wikileaks, but it was quite disturbing for an elementary student like me at the time.

I really couldn't call these two girls good friends, but I did sometimes eat lunch with them in the school cafeteria. One day, one of them invited me to go to her house after school, and I did. We sat on her bed and started talking. She started asking me a lot of personal questions about the other girl; questions like, did I think she was ugly or pretty, did I think she was stuck up, etc. All my answers were positive about the girl, because I felt she was a nice girl. Suddenly I heard a noise coming from under the bed, and when I looked down, I saw her and when I did, I realized they had both set me up to see if I would say something nasty about the other one. I became very angry and stormed out and never again had anything to do with either of them because I knew I could never trust either again.

To this day, that incident that happened so many years ago taught me a very good lesson, and that was to never speak ill of people I knew and liked. I'm sure they both felt bad, since all my answers were very good about the girl.

Too bad those who are in such high positions in our world didn't do as I did when I spoke only good things about that girl.

As for Julian Assange, co-founder of Wikileaks, I hope he has a stroke and croaks.

What are your thoughts about Julian Assange?

2. Update on Jerry's Eye:

Took Jerry back to the vet, and she took out the stitches from his eye. The eye is a big blob of bright red. The bottom lid had been sewed to the top eye lid.

Things aren't looking good at all, so I now have an appointment for Wednesday with one of two veterinary ophthalmologists. El Paso doesn't have an eye specialist, but one comes once a month from Albuquerque, N.M. I really had to give this much thought, since it will be very expensive. Just the office visit will cost me $250.00. I've chosen to go through with this, because I know I'd never forgive myself if I didn't do everything possible for a miracle, and a miracle it will take, so Jerry's eye is saved.

I continue to thank God that I still have a job, and my websites. What happened to Jerry has upset me more than anyone will ever imagine.

3. I’ve been itching like crazy and realized that my cats caught fleas from the two new stray kittens I recently brought inside my house to live. I’ve already put these drops between their shoulder blades that kill fleas. As for the tiny kitten that wasn’t doing well, she looks much better since I bought some kitten milk replacer. I first gave it to her in a tiny baby bottle, but she chewed the top off, so now I just pour it in a bowl. I also replaced the Meow cat food with IAMS cat food. Found out recently that it’s much more nutritious than Meow.

I’ve notice I meow and arf more than I talk! :o)

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