Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Pat downs, Body scanners

In reference to yesterday’s post about Airplane travel: Full body imaging scanner – Body pat downs at airports, I want to thank those sweethearts who took the time in participating with my questions.

Since I’ll be spending Thanksgiving at home with family and friends, I won’t be among those who will have to choose between going through the body scanner or the pat down, but had I chosen to travel, I would have been the only one on airplane A, because everyone in yesterday’s post said they would fly in the airplane B which had the option of not having to go through what the airlines required.

There’s a saying in Spanish: “El valiente vive mientras el cobarde quiere.” “The valiant lives for as long as the coward allows it.”

If I’m to die, I don’t want to be a helpless lamb to be slaughtered. I want to be able to confront my attacker face to face to fight for my life, but how can I do that when a COWARDLY terrorist (and COWARDS they are) plants a bomb in the plane I and the rest of the passengers are flying in?

It is my opinion that all those who are so against going through the airport scanners or being pat down, are making a mountain out of a mole hill. We are living extremely dangerous times, so why not just accept it, and follow the rules that are for our own safety when flying? At least we’ll have a much better chance of arriving to our destinations in one piece.

Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all my LJ friends, and everyone else!

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