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Jerry: Heartbreaking Picture Album Number THREE

Jerry has been wearing this plastic cone around his neck for two weeks so he won’t scratch his eye. The round the clock care he has needed couldn’t have been done had I not had Grandpa, and my three best friends to help. I’ve taken care of his medical needs on Saturdays and Sundays, and on the week days, they have all pitched in to help on their lunch hours.

After six appointments to the vet, my vet felt it was necessary for him to have eye surgery, so I had Jerry at the vet’s office by 8:00 PM Friday for the surgery.

I have been going through hell for two weeks, not only because of Jerry’s situation, but because all my indoor cats got seriously sick, too. Thanks to my vet, they are all well now, but the tiny kitten that that guy found and brought to me is still sick. He is so tiny and helpless and since I’ve had her for about a week now, I’ve grown to love her very much. I’ve been shoving the antibiotic into her mouth, and since she won’t eat, I’ve forcing kitten formula also. Today I came to the realization that she just may not make it.

I just don’t understand how they came to have ear mites, eye infection and the stomach problems they had, while none of my outdoor cats have.

My vet has been more than fair in the monetary charges, and I believe it’s because I’ve taken so many of my pets to her, including Peanut for all his shots, micro-chipping, and PeeWee for spaying and micro-chipping.

I'm not an angel at all, since I have quite a few giant size skeletons in my closet, it's just that I happen to be as big an animal lover as you can get.

Since I’m broke, and don’t believe in gift exchanges for the holidays, I’ll cook a turkey along with the fixin’s for my out of town brothers and close friends. The gate will be kept locked for those uninvited obnoxious out of town family member leeches who have always taken such advantage of my good nature!

This is just one of the pages of the daily and countless medications Jerry has had to have.

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