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Pet worries and heartaches

Yes, I'm terrible with English grammar,
but when it comes to Advanced Mathematics in
Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus
I can compete among the BEST!

"Critics and Hemorrhoids have three things in
common, they are chronically irritating,
nobody wants them and they're a swollen
pain in the ass!"
- Playgirl

For certain critics, I have placed the above in my user info page.

I have been going through a living hell with my pets.

All my indoor cats developed ear mites and some kind of stomach infection where they almost died. I had to take them all to the vet, where she prescribed some ear drops that I’ve been putting in their ears once a week. She also prescribed antibiotics in pill form that has to be given after they’ve eaten, but since they didn’t have an appetite what-so-ever, I had to mash it up, mix in a little water and shove it down their throat. Some are completely well now, but one is still sick.

I now have two more brand new kittens that I chose to let live inside my house. They are not from any of my outdoor cats, since I’ve had them all spayed, neutered, and micro-chipped. One of them is the one I jumped the fence of some man’s house to save from their dog, and the other, which must be about one month old, is one that some guy found in the street and then brought it to me. It seems as though I have a big scarlet red P letter branded in the middle of my forehead. P is for Pendeja (fool).

The biggest heartache I’ve gone through for a couple of weeks is with Jerry, my French Bulldog. It seems he had an ear infection, and when he tried to scratch it, he accidentally scratched his eye and made a hole in it. He’s been wearing a big plastic cone shape around his neck ever since, and my kitchen counter has seven different medications I’m to give him everyday. I’ve already taken him five times to the vet, and have another appointment on Fri. It looks like he will lose his eye because it’s now all a cream color, but before that, she recommended I take him to the EyeCare For Animals which I will.


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