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I smell a frivolous lawsuit from a snorting bull

Not too long ago I drove my car close to 1,000 miles round trip into the northern part of Mexico. I had absolutely zero problems.

The day before yesterday, I drove my car into Juarez, Mexico and drove all over the place. When I returned to the international bridge to get back home to the States, I experienced a living hell.

The lines were bumper to bumper, and when I reached the top of the bridge and started rolling down at the speed of a TURTLE, my foot suddenly slipped off the clutch and I TAPPED the car in front of me which was about seven feet away from mine. You can’t even call it an accident, but only a mere incident where my car tapped the car in front of mine. I have an itty bitty car that is light in weight and looks like a toy. The car I hit was much bigger than mine, and the only damage I caused hers was a TINY dent that I would have had my insurance attend to. This healthier than a horse woman got out of her car, stomped just like a bull all the way to me and made the biggest stink you can imagine. She started yelling for the immigration officers, and they ALL came. They ALL walked (escorted me) along side my car, then directed me little further where they bring out the dogs to sniff cars. I couldn’t believe it when I saw two police cars with their blinky red lights on approach me! LO and BEHOLD! The woman suddenly started limping!! I was kept there for TWO WHOLE hours filling out oodles of paper work, showing my insurance card, and driver’s license. I was surrounded as if I were a HORRIBLE criminal by both immigration officers and cops. It’s not in my nature to lose my cook, but I finally did, and yelled sarcastically at the whole bunch of them that I just couldn’t believe how this tiny little incident that couldn’t even be called an accident had become a circus. But I understand since the horrible woman was reacting as if I had hit her at 60 miles per hour on the freeway. I later felt terrible that I had been so rude with them, since the only reason they were all huddled around me at the scene of the CRIME, was because the woman was totally out of control, so much so that I was positive she would soon demand an ambulance. I’m positive this woman was starting to have serious thoughts in a big way of suing me for big buck!

Now, I have to appear in court. I’ve already contacted my lawyer, because I have this sickening feeling that the woman is going to pretend extreme bodily injury! Believe me, NOTHING happened to her! I’ve also contacted my insurance company to tell them EXACTLY what happened and explained exactly what happened, and the minute damage that was caused to my car and the woman’s. I ask them to please have someone come to my house and take pictures so they could see that the only damage to my car are a couple of scratches.

What damage can you do to a car when you hit someone in the back, when all cars are traveling bumper to bumper at approximately ONE mile per hour? I’m very angry. Anyway, before this happened, I got some horror stories from the citizens there about the dreadful things that are going on there. I’ll eventually make a post about it.

Yesterday, Lolly, Glory, and Norma got together at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I cried on their shoulder which made me feel much better, especially when they picked up the tab! Heh heh

To take my mine off my woes, I’m putting together a picture album along with true stories of things that make me happy, and that is my family; Grandpa and ALL my 4-legged kids to share with you! I've been neglecting my icon community, due to such limited time, for the longest time, so I think I'll start making more icons to forget that woman who honestly looked like a snorting bull!

I should have walked, or gone on my bicycle like I started doing months ago, instead of driving my car over there! By and by, had this little accident happened on the Juarez, Mexican side, I would have batted my eyelashes at the police and given him a mordida (few bucks) to forget about the whole thing, and that would have settled the matter right then and there.


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