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2006 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Carnival - Andre Rieu - Manhã de Carnaval

This is not me.

Since my boss has looking at me kind of funny (EEK!) I've been extremely busy making up for lost time at work. Hopefully, I'll have the many pics I took of the Ojuela Mine to share with you by Monday.

Back in 2006, I was blessed enough to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to see the Carnival. I totally fell so much in love with Brazil, that in future years, I plan on moving there.

I was also, extremely lucky to have been invited to see Andre Rieu live in my city, and will never forget one of my most favorite brazilian songs, Manhã de Carnaval.

For now, I'm gonna go read my LJ friends posts. I hope you kids have a much better week-end than the one gonna have! :o(


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