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Ojuela, Mexico and the Ojuela Mine - PART ONE

Expensive designer dress purchased at a 2nd hand store for about five bucks!

The trip was a good 14 hour drive, and had planned on driving none-stop to my destination, but it was impossible. In making my plans, I totally forgot that I had just worked seven hours, and hadn't slept since that Friday morning. By 3:00 PM, I could barely keep my eyes open, so I stopped at a little motel and just as soon as my head hit the pillow, I zonked out. I was up around 6:00 AM, and after eating a can of tuna and a sour pickle, and filling my gasoline tank, I started driving another five hours or so again.

The road getting there was two lanes, but then I got to a point that was very scary which caused my nerves of steal to suddenly melt. There was only a ONE way NARROW, unpaved road for on coming and on going traffic which had no guard rails. The road wrapped around the mountain, and if you drove just a wee smidgen to the right, you'd fall at least 100 ft. down. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end when I saw a few smashed, and burned cars that had fallen down in the past!! Since it is only a one lane drive for cars entering and exiting, you have to take turns to enter the road. A man with a radio was there to tell you when it would be your turn to enter the winding road.

When I finally reached the Puente de Ojuela (Ojuela Bridge) that lead to the mountain caves, I was shocked at how long this suspended bridge was. There was only one entrance into the cave, but after you walked in, you found there were many caves that ran miles long throughout the mountain.

So, what was that THING that man from Juarez, Mexico had told me about? I'm not going to tell you, or show you the pic just yet! heh heh

Since I had already driven over 750 km (Mexico goes by kilometers - 1 Kilometer = 0.621371192 Miles), 470 miles, I decided to drive even further into Northern Mexico, where I had to stay at another motel because I was exhausted! In different posts, I'll share the pics I took of that place. In a matter of a few days, I drove close to 1,000 miles round trip. YAY!

I will first direct you to the link of Ojuela and the Ojuela Mine so you can learn the history of the place, then I'll post the pictures I took myself.

You'll find all the information about the place, which Not even the Wikipedia Encyclopedia knew of the existence of THING (treasure) that my curiosity forced me to take this very long trip into Northern Mexico for. :o)

Ojuela, Mexico and the Ojuela Mine

AMAZING panoramic view of the Ojuela Mine Suspension Bridge


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